The XXXI International Conference of Polyphenols (ICP2023) will take place from July 3rd to 6th, 2023 in Nantes!



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The XXX International Conference on Polyphenols (ICP2020TURKU), was held fully virtually on the past 13–15 July 2021.

At the general meeting of the group that took place during the ICP XXXth (13–15 July 2021), the Board Committee was renewed and the new President of the Group, Denis Barron, was elected.

The Fifth Ragai Ibrahim prize was awarded at ICP2020 to Dr. Bridget McGivern.


The Groupe Polyphénols (GP) society is an international association founded in France in 1972 with the aim of promoting research on plant polyphenols, while providing members worldwide with a unique forum to exchange information on all aspects of these fascinating natural products, from their most basic and fundamental biophysico-chemical properties to their most diverse applications in food and agricultural, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sciences and technologies.

Membership also includes reduced registration fees to the biannual International Conference on Polyphenols (ICP),  sur les Polyphénols. Join GP and  pay less!

The flag publication of the society is Recent Advances in Polyphenol Research (RAPR), a book series  initiated in 2008 that today replaces the former GP publication known as “Polyphenols Actualités”. Published by the Wiley editions and referenced in ISI Web of Science, each volume of RAPR contains chapters written by ICP plenary lecturers and other invited contributors selected every two years to convey the most significant advances in the field. The first six volumes are available. RAPR 7 will soon be released.

50% discount on RAPR for all ICP attendees –  code available upon request from the GP secretary


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