Key Aims and Objectives

  • To stimulate exchanges and collaborations between polyphenol scientists both from public laboratories and industry
  • To organise a polyphenols conference bringing together world leading polyphenol experts to present new advances in the research and highlight topics of particular interest
  • To disseminate information on new advances in all aspects of polyphenol research, from chemistry to molecular biology and from agricultural science to pharmacology

Groupe Polyphenols Statutes

Statutes here

History of Groupe Polyphénols

Groupe Polyphénols was founded in 1972 by Dr. Michel Bourzeix as an international scientific association. The founding meeting saw 100 members gathered in Narbonne, France. Here the objectives and Statutes were set up in the first general assembly. Since then, Groupe Polyphénols has grown in stature and every 2 years hosts an International Conference on polyphenols (ICP), originally called the Journées Internationales d’Etude sur les Polyphénols (JIEP). The proceedings, ‘Polyphenols Communications’, (originally known as ‘Bulletin de Liaison’) are published and are available for purchase.

Previous Presidents of Groupe Polyphenols

Prof. J. CHOPIN1974 – 1978
Prof. M. METCHE1978 – 1982
Prof. P. DELAVEAU1982 – 1986
Prof. J.J. MACHEIX1986 – 1990
Dr. D. MAGNOLATO1990 – 1992
Prof. R. BROUILLARD1992 – 1996
Prof. J. VERCAUTEREN1996 – 1998
Dr. C. ROLANDO1998 – 2000
Prof. C. ANDARY2000 – 2004
Prof. V. LATTANZIO2004 – 2008
Prof. S. QUIDEAU2008 – 2012
Dr. V. CHEYNIER2012 - 2016
Prof. V. DE FREITAS2016 - 2021
Prof. D. BARRON2021 -