Dear Members of the Groupe Polyphénols,

In the last XXVIIIth International Conference on Polyphenols (ICP16) in Vienna, I was elected the new GP President for the next four years. It is a great honour to me and I hope to be up to the challenge. The former presidents have done a remarkable work for the society but I will do my best to keep this level as high as possible!

GP is an international society that was founded in 1972 (44 years have already passed!) and along these decades it has proven to be a very solid organization which has always involved the most renowned scientists in polyphenols research, either directly in the board or in the ICP meetings as active participants. I do not have any doubt that the ICP meeting is one of the most important congresses focused on plant metabolites, touching several domains such as their natural function, biosynthesis, physical‐chemical properties and ending in their technological applications. The scientific quality of the ICP programs and the excellence of the invited speakers have been unquestionable.

It is important to keep improving the promotion and advertisement of the Polyphenols Group to attract new members and also to spread and continue advertising our congresses in the most “positively aggressive” manners.

I think that we must all make efforts to work together to keep pushing forward our renowned international scientific society.

The next ICP2018 will take place in Madison, WI, USA, July 16‐20, 2018. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you all in that conference. Please, save the date.

Kind regards.

Victor de Freitas